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  1. I think it would be good if you could make subscribing easier to your website. I see nowhere to do so. thx.

    1. Hello Thomas and welcome.

      If you are referring to this website – it follows the typical “WordPress” environment – consistent with a “Blog” site.
      Since you’ve made a submission – I think you’ve successfully subscribed.


  2. Can someone guide me to the article that John Piper wrote that if he was a Christian for 25 years and then if he committed a murder, then he would have to doubt the fact that he was actually saved 25 years ago…or something to that extent. I heard Leighton address it somewhere but I am not sure which video and hence I am asking for your help

    1. Hi Bevin,
      I can’t point that exact article to you – perhaps someone else here is familiar with that article and can point it to you.
      However, I can tell you – the concept you are describing is pretty much consistent – as a general part of the Calvinist belief system.

      I can tell you this from personal experience. Years ago , I had a personal friend who got drawn into a Calvinist church and who was accused of committing a certain sin by the pastor of that church.

      If he lied and acknowledged the sin the pastor accused him of – then the pastor would declare that he was *REALLY* saved. And conversely, if he spoke the truth and did not acknowledge the sin the pastor accused him of – then as far as the pastor was concerned he was never a *REAL* believer.

      The pastor put him out of the church until he made up his mind. If he told a lie and agreed with the pastor he could return. If he told the truth he would be considered a false Christian and rejected by that congregation.

      It makes sense that Calvinists do this. They do not *REALLY* know if a person is saved or not. Calvin himself taught that the vast majority of the church is filled with people who are given a FALSE Salvation.

      John Calvin
      “He holds it [Salvation] out as a savor of death, and as the occasion for severer condemnation”
      ” he illumines them only for a time to partake of it”
      “and strikes them with even greater blindness”

      Because of this – Calvinists tend to watch each others behavior – like one reads tea-leafs.
      If they see certain patterns in a fellow believer’s behavior – they may assume that person was given a FALSE salvation.

  3. Has Dr Leighton Flowers addressed the concept of whether God is atemporal (eternal present) as Augustine believed or that time (logical sequence) is part of God’s existence? How does this impact Soteriology?

    Dr. Richard Holland’s book argues that the incarnation creates problems for Augustine’s perspective and that the early church fathers before Augustine disagreed.

    I suspect an atemporal being would be distant and impersonal to a creature that experiences logical sequences (aka time).

    1. Hello Philip and welcome

      Dr. Flowers – due to a heavy schedule – normally doesn’t have the time to interact with posters here.
      But you may find him on Facebook – if you are a FB user.

      I personally haven’t heard him speak about that aspect of Augustinian thinking.
      It sounds like it might be a topic Open Theism advocates might very well be interested in.

      br,d :-]

  4. Hello Dr.I was at work and unable to watch live discussion ,I did watch later however.The question about works and faith was answered a little out of context. Paul is speaking to the Grecian Jews and gentiles in Romans and when he says it is not according to works he is more specifically referring to circumcision,as he mentions that it is not as if God’s promise has failed. Paul also emphasized that Abraham (believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness(faith is belief not a work).Works does however refer to the law in its totality but in Paul’s letter the former proselytizing of people into Judaism was culminated with circumcision. No flesh will glory in my sight is problaby illustrating this as well. Great show!!!

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