James White and Cage Stage Calvinism



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Dr. Leighton Flowers, a non-Calvinistic Southern Baptist, addresses the rise of “cage stage Calvinism” by taking on one of the leading proponents of Calvinism seen on social media today, Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries.

While White has criticized the rudeness of many of the harsher polemic types prowling the internet today, in this broadcast Dr. Flowers clearly and systematically demonstrates White’s blatant hypocrisy in this arena. By playing clips of White’s mocking tone, demonizing rhetoric, and outright disrespect, Flowers brings a much needed rebuke to an influential leader among the “young, restless and reformed” movement.

Flowers continually points his listeners back to “the principle of charity” which was described as “assuming the best about your opponent” and “giving them the benefit of the doubt” while attempting to really understand their argument before launching into criticism.

While Flowers primarily sticks to critiquing White’s methodology he promises to publish a follow up response (see the clip below) to address White’s actual theological arguments, which Flowers argues are undermined by White’s overall demeanor and tone.

Here is Dr. Flowers’ follow up message addressing some of the same audio clips along with many more:


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