What Have We Been Up To?

It has been six weeks since the last post on the Soteriology 101 blog. So, what have we been doing?

This has certainly been a strange time. At the beginning of this pandemic I, Eric Kemp, moved to Texas. It was the most difficult thing our family has ever done and there have been several layers to that adjustment.

Also, the esteemed Drew McLeod and I put into motion our plan to start a podcast, The Provisionist Perspective, complete with Youtube channel, focusing on biblical and Christian content from a Provisionist worldview. Boy, learning how to put a podcast together has been quite the learning curve. I have enjoyed the journey but I found most of my free time taken up. This focus has paid off. We are now four episodes in and the editing and promotion process is significantly faster than when we first started.

As for Dr. Flowers, he has been putting up more content; sometimes broadcasting twice a day. Please join us on Facebook and Youtube to see Dr. Flowers as he continues to interact with Calvinism and promote Provisionism. Soteriology 101 also published an app on the Appstore and Google play which you can download onto your devices. So, as a team of Provisionists, the vision has been to set ourselves up to have greater reach through various platforms and it is exciting to watch that unfold.

However, putting out long form, detailed articles on the blog is still very important to us. It under-girds everything else we do if there is a place our audience can come to and read exegetical commentary on the Bible and robust philosophical arguments supporting Provisionism. We appreciate your patience and sticking with us. More to come!

5 thoughts on “What Have We Been Up To?

  1. May the Lord continue to bless and inspire the ministry mightily!!
    So far – we’ve observed very wonderful fruits!!

  2. Good news , I am only 2 hrs east of Tulsa and looking forward to hear more . God’s blessings to all

  3. I’m so excited about the different platforms, that are continuing to move forward!!! This ministry has been a blessing to me I like the YouTube content, the app, this blog, because I haven’t taken the step to complete social media ie Facebook snap chat etc.., but I know I’m an odd one out… So the more the provisionist side is heard the better, because God is not the author of confusion and His yes is not yes and no His love and provision is offered to all His creation!!! Thank you for this update & I really hope your move will be a blessing to your family as you settle in🌻

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