Tiptoeing Through TULIP with Dr. Leighton Flowers



This is a 6-Session study on the biblical doctrines of salvation (Soteriology) with Dr. Leighton Flowers.

In this study we unpack the key errors of the “limited” 5-point Calvinistic perspective as contrasted with the “provisional” corporate perspective that has been more traditionally held by many Christian pastors and theologians.

The student will learn the main distinctions between the “limited” (Calvinistic) doctrines and the “provisional” (Traditionalist) doctrines regarding salvation. Dr. Flowers teaches students how to respectfully disagree with Calvinistic believers and answer the most common objections surrounding the topics of predestination, election, and soteriology. There are 6 videos along with a printable student guide that will lead students through the popular Calvinistic acronym TULIP in a side by side comparison of the two main theological perspectives in dispute.

Download Instructions

Tiptoeing Through TULIP is a digital download of multiple mp4 video files, one for each lesson. Please make sure your device is compatible with and you have software capable of running the mp4 format. Depending upon the speed of your internet connection these downloads may take some time. There are two ways to download these files:

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