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Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary is now offering online Theological courses taught by Professor Leighton Flowers and other like-minded instructors.  You can earn an Undergraduate, Masters or even get your Ph.D. through online webinar courses and personal one on one distance instruction. This is the future of education, because it is convenient, affordable and promotes a higher level of one on one instruction and accountability with the professor.

It is now possible for you to get a solid theological education at your own pace for a very affordable price. The educational demands and expectations are just as high as any seminary, but the schedule and pricing is flexible and manageable for anyone to pursue a higher theological education.  For more information on Trinity please visit this web site.

For discounted rates please use the promo code “FLOWERS” when you speak to a representative or sign up online.


A Few Of Trinity’s most Prominent Graduates:

  • Dr. B. Rick Curtis, West Region Mobilizer for the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Dr. Dean Doster, former Executive Director of Louisiana Baptist Convention
  • Dr. Joel Southerland, Executive Director of Evangelism Strategy at North American Mission Board
  • Dr. Larry W. Jordan, President of Maple Springs Baptist Bible College & Seminary in Capital Heights, MD
  • Dr. Charlie Wilson, Pastor, Central Baptist Church, Crandall, TX. Former pastor of Sunnyvale First Baptist Church, Sunnyvale, TX, and Director of Church Evangelism for the Baptist General Convention of Texas
  • Mr. Abraham M Payton Jr, Interim Director of Missions, Mile High Baptist Association, S.B.C., Denver, CO; Staff Pastor, First Baptist Church, Aurora, CO
  • Dr. Eddie Leopard, Pastor, Fairview Baptist Church, Greer, SC
  • Dr. Kenneth Berding, Faculty, Talbot School of Theology at Biola University
  • Dr. Larry D. Soderquist, Professor of Law at Vanderbilt University Law School
  • Mr. Kim Hammer, Arkansas House of Representatives
  • Dr. Gil Stafford, former President of Grand Canyon University and baseball coach at GCU
  • Rev. Yaahn G. Hunter, Superintendent for COGIC
  • Dr. James L. Clark, President of Calvary Bible College & Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO
  • Mr. Harry Samual Seamans, Bishop / Reformed Episcopal Church
  • Dr. Kevin Pat Parnell, Father of former Lt. Governor and Governor of Alaska, Sean Parnell
  • Dr. Mark Deckard, Faculty at Faith Theological Seminary & Adjunct Professor at Lancaster Bible College & Graduate School
  • Dr. John D Fozard, President of Mid America Christian University in Oklahoma City, OK
  • Dr. Tracy Marx, Faculty at Louisville Bible College, Louisville, KY
  • Dr. Mark Carroll, Professor of Youth Ministry at Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Dr. Ronald J Kovack, President (ret.), Knox Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Ed Bulkley, Faculty, Veritas Evangelical Seminary
  • Dr. Bauta Motty, Provost, ECWA Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Daniel Chadwick, Professor, Taylor University Online
  • Dr. Paul Madtes, Jr., Professor, Mount Vernon Nazarene University
  • Dr. Mark Isaacs, Professor, UTS
  • Dr. John Noe, Author
  • Dr. David L. Owen, Faculty at Pacific Islands University
  • Mr. Steven Stinnette, Faculty at Pacific Islands University
  • Dr. Hun Sung Park, Faculty at International Reformed University and Seminary
  • Dr. Bryan Hughes, Faculty at Montana Bible College
  • Dr. J.D. Davis, Pastor, Dublin Baptist Church, Ohio
  • Dr. Steven Collins, Faculty, Veritas Evangelical Seminary
  • Dr. Danny Burnley, Pastor of Laurel Baptist Church, Greenville, SC. Former President of the South Carolina Baptist Convention
  • Mr. Stephen Goode, Pastor, Author, Host of The Biblical Counseling Moment podcast
  • Dr. Bruce Guckelberg, Pastor, Lombard Bible Church, Lombard, IL
  • Dr. Milad Z. Philipos, President, Arab-American Theological Association, San Francisco, California
  • Dr. Albert D. Spalding, Jr, Associate Professor, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
  • Dr. Stephen I Moldenhauer, Faculty at Shasta Bible College & Graduate School, Redding, CA
  • Dr. Lawrence Olufemi Obisakin, Nigerian Ambassador to Benin Republic; Pastor & Theology teacher at The Redeemed Christian Church of God in Benin Republic
  • Dr. Don Spitler, Professor of Speech and Communications, Pulaski Technical College, North Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Dr. Gene Price, Professor, Bethel University, McKenzie, TN

49 thoughts on “Class

  1. would love some information on how I can learn more on Judicial Hardening Please. List of Books, articles etc. Thanks.

      1. Hello Art and welcome.
        Dr. Flowers – due to a heavy schedule – does not appear here to interact with participants often.
        But you may find him on Facebook.
        I hope you’ll seek him out there and get an answer to your question :-]


  2. Hey Leighton! I am currently enrolled in Continental Theological Seminary in Belgium. If I succeed this school year, I will get my bachelor’s degree. I am thinking of continuing to master’s but would it be useful to do this is an additional degree? Kind regards.

      1. Thank you for your feedback! Feel free to fill me in on all information! 🙂 I just heard about this in your “hopeless, helpless and hardened” (or something like that) podcast.

  3. Hi Leighton,

    My name is Moussa Im a born again, evangelical Christian, residing in Sydney Australia. I would like to attend an open minded, non-baised Bible College which gives a fair and accurate representation of Biblical matters. I wish to attend a college in person and would like to hear of any that you can suggest that would do that or if you can find out that will be greatly appreciated.

    I have a great deal of respect for you and I thank God for your ministry.

    In Christ

    Moussa Bechara

  4. Hey Leighton,

    Would you mind sharing the program you prefer to use for your live webcasts and which program you prefer for video editing? I have a friend I’m interested in helping out for both.

    Many thanks,


  5. Hi Leighton. Thank you for your valuable service. My question about the class is whether I can just audit and not take it for credit. I’m an old man, retired and I already have a PhD. My son, who has an MD, has taught me about Apologetics and more recently about Calvinism. I was raised in a Texas Baptist church and even went to Baylor, but I’ve been oblivious about Calvinism until I discovered the new pastor of my church is a stealth Calvinist. The more I learn, the more concerned I’ve become. But I need to start reading the Calvinist writers, as you so strongly recommend.

  6. Hi leighton, I´m from Cuba. I attend to a church which was tradicionalist, but there´s now 10 years that a new pastor came and in a sneaky way he started to teach calvinism. I feel sad because of that, I find you on the web, making a search in Bob Enyard web site, I subtitle one of your videos, the one on romans 9 (into Spanish), it would be good for all christians that your ministry also could be read and listen by spanish-speakers listeners. Do you have any email to send you the SRT. archive. if so let me know. Sorry for my mistakes in some words

  7. Hello
    Pastor Patrick got me onto this website. He mentioned there might be a forum type thing here where I can ask a few questions and see if I can find some missionaries coming to Australia. Can anyone help me out with that?
    Kind regards

    1. Hello Nate,
      On your request I personally wouldn’t know.
      Let me reach out a little bit and see if anyone else can answer your request.

      Until then – blessings

      1. Hello br.d

        Thanks for the reply. There are 3 things important to me that I am looking for (and sorry if you have different personal beliefs – no offense)

        1. Non charismatic/penticostal.
        2. Non Calvinist (neo, new, reformed etc etc etc.)
        3. Non KJV only (all the various options on this one too)

        Two out of three ain’t bad but I am really praying a pastor will come my way that believes all three. There is no church where I live that has this.

        Kind regards


  8. Hey Nate, I’m in rural Victoria Australia and I feel the same way regarding a church. Keep praying, you aren’t alone!

    1. Hi Becca. Thanks for the note. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one! I am so upset by it that God has asked me to start our own Sunday Bible study. If you are ever in Brisbane you’re welcome to drop by. God watch over you!

      1. Hi Becca and Nathanael, I am in Adelaide. Have either of you discovered any online communities of Australians who are likeminded? It would be great for encouragement as it is difficult to find resources, colleges, speakers etc that have not been infiltrated by Calvinism. Karyn

    2. Hi Becca. My 2nd try at replying. Thanks for the note. I wanted to say that we are so disappointed in the current situation that God has asked us to start our own Bible study on Sundays. You’re welcome to visit if you are ever in Brisbane. I’ll say a prayer for you.

  9. Hi Becca. My 2nd try at replying. Thanks for the note. I wanted to say that we are so disappointed in the current situation that God has asked us to start our own Bible study on Sundays. You’re welcome to visit if you are ever in Brisbane. I’ll say a prayer for you.

    1. Hello Mc Kevin,
      Let me reach out to Dr. Flowers – and get back to you.
      I may need to get back to you directly – just in case you don’t see my reply here.
      Also – it will take a little time due to the business of everyone’s schedule.

  10. Dear Dr Flowers, I have completed an undergraduate certificate in apologetics and evangelism at Trinity and I am currently trying to finish another in religious studies. Recently online I have seen some articles and videos that imply that Trinity is nothing more than a Diploma Mill. I find that hard to believe. What is your opinion on this?

    1. Hello Wayne
      Dr. Flowers, due his schedule, does not interact here very often.
      You may more readily find him on Face book if you are an FB user.

    2. Hi Wayne! Which Trinity are you talking about? The one in Evansville, IN – Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, where Leighton teaches is not accredited, but provides a fairly good Evangelical graduate education, imo. The one in Deerfield, IL- Trinity International University is accredited, and also provides a fairly good Evangelical graduate education, imo. Non-accredited institutions are sometimes called – degree mills…. but the evidence of quality is discerned by looking at the ministry output of the faculty and graduates, imo.

  11. Hi Hello, I am a Pilipino Pastor from the Philippines, Pastor Glenn F. Dato-on, I am passionate enough to follow Dr. Leighton Flowers which I highly appreciated his teachings through YouTube and i was guided really on how to answer question by my Young people in my church regarding Calvinism which is now rampant here in colleges. So with this I suppose to enroll in Soteriology 101 as a matter of fact, I added to my cart the tiptoeing so I paid $39 which 2,324.12 in our Peso Last September 9,2022.
    And I have not received any feedback from you wether or not my payment has been received by you except my bank notified me that it was deducted from my account. I am still interested but i have no idea what and how to do.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Glenn. You should have received an email with links where you can download the lectures and handouts. Check your spam folder. But let me know if you did not get that email! Thanks.

      I wish you great success in teaching faithful men the truth of God’s Word.

      1. Glenn, do you mean you did get an email? If yes, there should be a link in that email that connects you with the web page where you can then download the video files. If no, meaning you didn’t get the email with the link, let me know. I will work with you until we get this worked out.

      2. Thank you for the clarification. I will contact Leighton right now and make sure he sends it again to you. Let me know if you don’t hear something in 24 hours. Sorry for the delay.

      3. Glenn, You should be hearing from Eric today or tomorrow with an email that has the links. Let me know if you get it. Thanks.

      4. Hi Gelnn, I sent your email address to Eric, about a hour ago, so give it 24 hours. I hope it will be resolved soon.

      5. Thank you again Sir Brianwagner I also watch on you both Leghton Flowers on youtube I learned a lot of things. What i am doing now here is conditioning our young people in my church. we victimized by the teaching of Calvinism here in their Universities I was surprised the next morning that two of my young people here got in troubled because they started absorbing this stuff in their mind…I never expect that happened to me here and because I have a lit knowledge about on how to rescue them and debunk Calvinism systematic theology.
        thank you

      6. Glenn – Did you hear from Eric by email and receive the links to the lectures and handouts to download?

      7. None yet, except from Academia I received a lot thank you.
        Just recently from Timothy L. Price

    1. Hi Mugabe… You don’t have to leave Africa. You can apply to take course online. Click on the links above in this post and contact someone at Trinity to let them know what you want to do! They can answer your questions about taking courses with them!

  12. Hello my brothers, are these courses given only in video? I am French, not English speaking, I would have preferred to have these courses in pdf, to translate them with google… thank you for your answer.
    God bless you

    1. Hello J-A
      And thank you for your question
      Please let me reach out to Dr. Flowers – to see what kind of literature or documentation – has been or is in the process of being processed.
      Sincere thanks!

      1. J-A,
        I have to apologize to you!
        I have reached out to the Soteriology Team twice now about your request – asking them to get back to you.
        I am very sorry that they have not done so!!!
        This is an unusual situation for me
        I have never seen it be the case that they have not gotten back to someone on the same day or perhaps a day later.
        My sincere apologies!

      2. Hello J-A
        I did receive a response from the SOT101 team
        They have been overwhelmed by email requests these days – and are working on getting back to all of them.
        Unfortunately – they do not have the content in any other form than it currently is.
        And they are very sorry they do not have it in PDF form.
        But I was thinking – is there a friend you may know who speaks fluid English who may be able to watch the video and dictate into a voice recorder so that you can watch the video with its volume turned off – and listen to the dictation.
        I performed this function many years ago for Deaf people.
        I would put an earphone in my ear and listen to what was being said
        I would then convey that to the Deaf people
        They were blessed because they had access to content which they would otherwise not have.
        Perhaps you would have a kind friend who would do this for you?
        My very sincere thanks for your understanding.

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