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  1. Dear Dr Flowers:

    I’ve just recently come across your teachings so I don’t even know if this is the right place or forum to ask a question. Thank you for “speaking the truth in love” about Calvinism. Using the Word, you have disarmed some really damaging teachings that confuse needlessly the faith “once delivered.” But my question is this. It concerns Eph 2:12  That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world: Aren’t these people in this verse as condemned as those that Calvinism says aren’t elected to salvation? It says they have no hope and are without God. They never had a chance to believe. How do I answer someone that poses this question?
    Thank you

    1. Hey Richard, thanks for the question. I don’t think that Paul describing the former state of the Ephesian Christians as “strangers” and “having no hope, and without God” requires us to think of that as a permanent state they are unable to be reconciled from. Clearly, the Ephesian Christians were reconciled from that state. I think it is accurate to see an unbeliever as being without hope in the sense of their standing before God. In that present stance, separated from God, there is no hope. But that doesn’t mean they are unable to recognize they are without hope and so throw themselves at the mercy of the Father. I certainly don’t think they “never had a chance to believe’. The Ephesian Christians were once in that state and they now believe. In general, I do not see a biblical category for people who “never had a chance to believe”. I hope that helps.

    2. Hi Richard,
      Thanks very much for your post!
      I wanted to let you know that due to extensive obligations Dr. Flowers doesn’t visit this sight for ongoing dialog much.
      If he does answer your post – then you can disregard this one.
      But if he doesn’t – please understand that as the reason.

      On your question – I would ask you to consider something Dr. Gordon Fee refers to throughout his carrier as a scholar.
      When we read the data of scripture (just like any other data) we interpret what we read by aligning it with what we believe to be unquestionable truth. There was a time when scholars thought “he stretches the heavens out as a scroll” affirmed the concept of a flat earth – because a preponderance of people held the concept of a flat earth as unquestionable truth.

      The Calvinist is taught the concept of “Universal Divine Causal Determinism” (see William Lane Craig) is unquestionable truth.
      So his reading of scripture (just like the flat earth readers) interprets verses to affirm that concept.

      I would ask you to be very cognizant of that as a characteristic of human perception.
      When you’re reading verses that appear Calvinistic – be aware of the hidden biases that make those verses appear that way.
      Please see William Lane Craig for a clear outline of “Universal Divine Causal Determinism”

      Sincere blessings
      br.d :-]

  2. Dear Dr. Flowers. My wife and I have been greatly blessed by your ministry; we gave $1000 in April because we believe ministries such as yours need to be supported. However, I am no fan of Paypal because of a controversy in 2016 where Paypal chose sides with the LGBT community. I’d rather not support PayPal by supporting you. I cannot find a mailing address on your website. Any chance you could include a snail-mail address on your site?

  3. Dear Leighton,

    Thank you so much for your videos on Calvinism. I would like to answer the question you so often pose to your audience. You ask why we cannot be more civil when discussing Calvinism. The reason so many of us find it difficult to do so may have more to do with Calvinist Debate Tactics, as exposed so thoroughly by Kevin Thompson, as to any other factor. Your experience may vary considerably from this pattern, but it is definitely the pattern I was met with. Every argument is met with an accusation that “You think you can save yourself” or “You think God may be thwarted” or “Your soteriology is of man and not of God”. These endless dreary accusations quite frankly wear on one’s patience. Next come accusations that “You must go to a seeker-sensitive church” or “You must watch Joel Osteen”. Unless of course you are involved in any of the Assemblies of God, Church of God, Four Square, Pentacostal denominations – at that point they denounce you as a heretic.

    On a deeply personal level I also feel that every word that comes out of that system is an affront to God in every way. I hardly know where to begin. His Holiness. His Love. His Provision.

    Those factors when combined set the stage for a very heated debate. To compound this, Calvinists seem to loathe conceding any point they worry may be used against them. Instead they dodge questions, and counter-attack.

    In truth and love.

    John Foster

  4. Very impactful ministry . Mr flowers your videos lead me to this website but i noticed you all aren’t tax deductible. Have you all considered starting a free church. Most churches are free churches are still are Tax deductible status. Figures i would share the wisdom. Thanks for all you do

  5. Hi Dr. flowers, I was looking for a place to send an email and couldn’t find any so I guess I’ll have to ask my question here. I’ve heard you say many times that you were a Calvinist for 10 years but then on this Monday’s podcast during the conversation you mentioned that you were either slowly moving away from Calvinism or were no longer a Calvinist for seven years before you told anyone. That’s of paraphrase so sorry if it’s not quite accurate. My question is were you a convinced Calvinist for 10 years and then spent seven years moving out of Calvinism or were you a convinced Calvin is for three years and the other seven years of moving away from Calvinism was part of your 10 years? Thank you.

  6. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your YouTube channel. I have been in the ministry for over 20 years, mostly as a church planter, for first 15 years affiliated with Texas Baptist. I’ve been a planting pastor and directly involved in over 150 church plants in various capacities but never formally trained in ministry. I have a pretty diverse theological upbringing saved in a Congregational Methodist church that had an AG preacher, discipled Baptist. I ran into systematic theology for the first time a couple of years ago and it turned my world upside down. I am pretty analytical and Calvinism appealed to me intellectually. It made me doubt all I knew and made me think I may have wasted 20 years of ministry. I have been in a spiritual depression for a year or so with a confused concept of God. I ran across your channel and that lead me to others with similar teaching that lined up with how I originally believed. I’ve been watching for a couple of months now. Praise God! He really does love everyone! Thanks for making sound biblical arguments and rightly handling with word of God. It’s been a torturous theological detour but I believe God had a plan, its good be back on a familiar road that I believe is the right one! P.S. Where can I mail a check to support your ministry?

  7. Great message and resources Dr. Flowers. I’m very grateful I found you on youtube. It is a blessing to make a donation, and to pray for your ministry.

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