Is Calvinism All You Talk About?

Hey Leighton, is Calvinism all you talk about?!?

Because Dr. Leighton Flowers has created a blog and podcast dedicated to addressing the issue of Calvinism, especially as it is related to its recent rise in popularity within his own denomination (Southern Baptists), he is sometimes accused of being imbalanced or obsessed with this one topic. This is an understandable perception if all you know of Leighton is through his popular Soteriology 101 podcast, but the short video below should help you to better understand Leighton’s motives and ministry.

Here are a list of the ministry’s websites that Dr. Flowers oversees and/or works with on a regular basis:

A listener sent in this satire article, inspired by the Babylonian Bee, which demonstrates the fallacious manner in which some of Dr. Flowers’ opponents have attempted to dismiss his views… Enjoy!


(Satire article submitted by a listener)

Thanks to the objective and reasoned discernment of Dr. James White, a popular Christian apologist, the serious epidemic of dangerous banjos with only one string have been brought to the attention of at least a dozen or so people. Of course, we are not talking about actual banjos here. We are talking about “theological bloggers” who have the audacity to create web sites or social media pages that have a limited focus.  Rather than including all sorts of random and tediously mundane information about the bloggers everyday life, some rogue theologians have the gaul to create pages that cover one particular subject of interest.  It is quite appalling that the World Wide Web even allows this type of catastrophic particularity and focus!

baloneyDr. White is working tirelessly to stem the tide of the “one-string banjos” by commenting on everything from bike rides to bow ties throughout his day. One faithful White fan expressed his appreciation to the great apologist, saying, “Dr. White thank you for not just having one, two or even three strings, but thousands of them for us to read about throughout our otherwise boring lives. You give us a reason to keep coming back.”

One particularly notable offender that White has regularly ridiculed for his “one-stringed” ways is Dr. Leighton Flowers of This theologian turned blogger has a wife and four kids, he regularly preaches at a large church, serves as an Adjunct Professor, and the Director of Evangelism and Apologetics for Texas Baptists where he oversees literally dozens of evangelistic and apologetic events throughout the year, yet he has the unmitigated gaul not to tell us about all of this on his Soteriology blog or social media pages!

Oh, it gets worse! Our investigative reporter learned just last week that Dr. Flowers rode his bike for over an hour and did not even tweet about it!  (Well, he might have, but we only read his Soteriology 101 twitter feed, so we assume he DID NOT!) When will this madness stop?!

Flowers Soteriology blog was created to address the major soteriological controversy between Calvinists and Traditionalists in the Southern Baptist Convention, as that was the topic of his doctoral dissertation, but followers have come to expect a certain level of disclosure from theological bloggers. Just what is Dr. Flowers trying to hide?!

Other obvious “one-string” offenders are the creators of,,,,, and many others.  We reached out to Dr. White to get his comments on these “one-string banjos,” but we still have not received a response.  We are sure, however, that they will each receive a thorough tongue thrashing from the great apologist; after all, we know that Dr. White is nothing if not objective and impartial in his criticism of others.

15 thoughts on “Is Calvinism All You Talk About?

  1. Leighton:

    When I saw the title “Is Calvinism all you talk about?” I thought for sure you were going to comment on the YRR, cage-rage, young bucks out there who ONLY talk about Calvinism.

    Well done to illustrate that of course you address Calvinism on the S101 site since that is what it is there for!

    Now…back to cage-ragers. I go to look up books on amazon and read the reviews. Be assured that if the book smacks of Arminianism, “leaving Calvinism”, “free will”, open theology, or any related topic….that young bucks have hurried to the “review” page to give it one star.

    I have found everything from one star reviews saying “heresy!” to others who cut-n-paste a looooong diatribe on how Calvinism is the only answer with links to and others.

    This is not only upsetting but a bit dishonest since they one-star it and give a “review” even though they clearly have not read the book.

    But ….no means are out of bounds when defending God’s glory, no?!

    This is a much milder version than Calvin’s millstone-dunking tactic anyway…..

    And besides, if they put those (dishonest) reviews on there, they were predetermined to do so anyway so who am I to argue!?

  2. “One particularly notable offender that White has regularly ridiculed for his “one-stringed” ways is Dr. Leighton Flowers of”

    So, why is that an issue for anyone? Focus on one subject is not a crime, is it?

  3. Thank You for your writings on Calvinism.We have just found your podcast and blog. My husband is the pastor a small Baptist in rural Wisconsin. We fellowship with General Association Regular Baptist. We have 40 to 60 people each Sunday. Two of the families are strong “New Calvinist”, that is they are pushing their viewpoint continually. To the point that our adult Sunday school teacher is fearful. We have stopped our weeknight men’s and women’s bible study because in the men’s study every verse was made to prove the doctrine of the elect. My husband and the deacons have an inside joke that even the verse “Christ wept” would be interpreted as He wept for only the elect. So, when I saw the title “Is Calvinism All You Talk About?”, I thought you might be addressing this problem. I would be happy if Calvinism is all you addressed. I found it interesting that the Southern Baptist are also struggling with this “New Calvinist”. I am 66 years old and have been married to my present husband for 6 years. For most of my Christian life, I have been a Southern Baptist. I rarely recall any talk of Calvinism in any of the churches I attended. It was only after becoming involved with this church that I educated myself as to the beliefs of Calvinism. I struggle as to why they want to tear Baptist Churches apart or change their doctrinal statement.Why not be happy with a domination of their own. My husband is a gentle loving man and has dealt with these men as gently as he can. It has made us seek out and defend our faith which means we must dig into scripture. This, of course, is a good thing. We will continue to check your blog and podcast to solidify our stand on God’ truth. Thank you for your biblical and loving insight into this topic.

    1. GramaJ<
      I am so sorry to hear this!

      These new Calvinist may just split the church because they are seldom satisfied unless all are adopting "the doctrines of Grace." (which is kinda ironic right?). This might be there cage-phase….. where all they can do it talk about it and often it is equated to conversion itself.

      Have a look at the posts and the comments and you will see all the scriptural foundation you need to kindly answer the new zealots.

  4. Calvinism is a huge problem, so there is nothing wrong with a speciality page for it. Just like there are specialist doctors. Jesus said, the healthy don’t need a physician, but the sick. Mat 9:12

  5. Why there are those who were threatened and intimidated if they disagree with the doctrines brought by the Calvinists?
    Calvinists on the other hand is never threatened by anyone who may oppose what be believed are the truths revealed by the Scriptures.

    1. I wouldn’t agree with that. I had an incident at my church just yesterday about some new calvinists who invited our pastor (who is apparently one as well based on our observations of his sermons and the way he handles church activities) out for lunch and brought up my facebook post about a certain verse that when read plainly meant salvation being offered for all (I am quite aware that not all will be saved, but I believe it is offered for all and yes, I am not a calvinist). I DID NOT by any means put my interpretation of it as to not cause conflict. What’s also to know is that these new calvinists post verses online with calvinist interpretations of it. Anyway, they did bring up my facebook post because our pastor said so and I was instructed to REFRAIN from posting verses as to not offend the other camp. One of them also messaged me about that verse I posted and tried to bring me in. If this is not a clear example of them being threatened, that I don’t know what it is.

      1. Welcome proflnx,

        Yes “their” verses (40-50) mean what they say….and the rest of the Bible must be filtered by them. “Our” verses (basically the whole of the Bible) do not mean what the seem to clearly mean.

        That is how ideologies work.

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